ESP - Untap Your Psychic Potential

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If you are interested in developing your psychic ability, mind power or just interested in finding out about ESP, then you will definitely want to get "ESP - Untap Your Psychic Potential."


A mental scientist is a person who studies the unknown powers of the mind. With an emphasis on fun, combined with thought provoking information, this book is your first step in an exciting journey that will help you explore the amazing world of ESP.

Here's what in the book:

    • 15 experiments that are easy-to-use, fun to do, and can be conducted from the comfort of your home.
    • Each experiment includes easy-to-follow explanations and directions.
    • You can conduct some of these experiments by yourself, with another person, or with a group.
    • There are even some experiments that can be done with children and young adults, creating a unique interaction between parents and their children or between siblings.

Plus, you will:

  • Learn about the history of Extra Sensory Perception - its origin, growth, and some of the famous people who not only believed in ESP, but also used the powers of their mind to achieve their distinctive place in history.
  • Receive explanations of the various forms of ESP and ESP terminology.
  • Discover why you should not be "psyched out" by your "psychic moments."


And there's more. You will get examples of ESP cards, score sheets, as well as detailed links and resources to further your studies as a mental scientist.

List Price: $12.95
Publisher: Sunday & Weiss Publishing, CA
Format: Bound