Turn Your Faucet On



Many people desire abundance and prosperity, but don't know how to make it happen.

As a successful entrepreneur and student of spiritual and religious teachings, Bob Garner combines a variety of religious wisdom with solid business principles and reveals how you can learn how to attract abundance and prosperity to your life.

To accomplish this, Bob shows you how to turn on your faucet of abundance and prosperity, by helping you to create a goal that is finally achievable, because it is co-created through you by a higher source. Additionally, you will learn how to diminish fear, worry, and impatience, as well as uncover powerful visualization techniques, self-talk secrets and more.

Plus, you will receive 4 FREE bonuses:

Bonus 1: This 2 CD set features 9 easy-to-do exercises. Each exercise is designed to systematically assist you in creating abundance.

Bonus 2: The "Turn Your Faucet On" Workbook - Over 30 pages in length, this is an immediate download and includes additional information and ideas not in the audio program. Plus, hand- picked quotes that reinforce specific points in the audio program and workbook, and more in- depth question for self-discovery.

Bonus 3: "The Magic In You" audio CD - An immediate download of a lost-recoding of Bob's that touches on several principles of success, such as the fear of failure and success, the 3 D's of achieving goals, and more. Approximately 38 minutes in length, you will enjoy this program.

Bonus 4: FREE SHIPPING of the "Turn Your Faucet On" 2 CD set. (Only available for the US 48 contiguous states.)

2 Audio Compact Discs

List Price: $49.95
Publisher: Sunday & Weiss Publishing, CA
UPC: 84501-06482
Format: 2 Audio Compact Discs
Running Time: +2 hours

Immediate Downloads:

    • Turn Your Faucet On Workbook - This workbook is over 30 pages in length and includes additional information and ideas not on the audio CDs. Plus, there are many hand-picked quotes and more in-depth questions for self discovery. This will come to you as a downloadable and printable pdf. (This is a different workbook than the "10 Steps" workbook.)


  • Magic In You Audio - Plus, you will also receive "The Magic in You" audio program. Approximately 38 minutes in length, these online audio files are downloadable or can be listened to online. This audio are lost-recordings of Bob's that cover the fear of success and failure, achieving goals and more.
  • FREE SHIPPING (Only available for the US 48 contiguous states.)