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A Motivational Moment CD


Public speakers, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, multi-level marketing specialists and other business people who enjoy listening to inspirational quotes and motivational stories or using them in their presentations, will find this CD to be a powerful and empowering tool. The listener will discover over 60 minutes of stories tied to practical ideas that are relevant to a wide variety of professional and personal development issues.


Turn Your Faucet On


As a successful entrepreneur and student of spiritual and religious teachings, Bob Garner combines a variety of religious wisdom with solid business principles and reveals how you can learn how to attract abundance and prosperity to your life.


10 Steps To Help You Bring Your Desires To Reality


If you haven't had the opportunity to be a part of Bob's phenomenal seminar "10 Steps to Help You Bring Your Desires to Reality," you can now learn, grow and change your life with this amazing audio CD.