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September 19, 2016

How to Deal with Problems: The Lesson from the Oyster »

inspiring talk radio kvec - Deal with Problems. Oyster reveals how you can work with a problem and transform it into a pearl. Watch inspiring video from #talkradio host Bob Garner

Lillian had a beautiful pearl necklace and decided to wear it to a fancy function that she was attending. That night, she met a man who, upon admiring her necklace, commented, “You know, that necklace was made from a bunch of problems.” Aghast, Lillian replied, “Problems? What do you mean… problems?” Smiling, the man said, “I’m a marine biologist, and each one of those pearls were once a problem that was solved by an oyster.” “Well, you certainly have my attention,” said Lillian. “Please, tell me more.” The biologist continued, “An oyster has two shells, and each shell has a…
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