September 16, 2014

Video Power – 3 Ways to Increase Views and CTR (Click-Through Rate)

Increase Video Views and CTR

According to a report by Forbes Insight – in association with Google – a survey of 306
C-suite executives revealed that – at least weekly – 75% of those surveyed watch work-related videos on business sites and 52% watch work-related videos on YouTube. Furthermore, over 60% will then view a company’s website and more than half of the executives – under 40 – actually move forward and make a business-related purchase, after viewing a video.

That is a fairly strong argument for the power of videos. And if executives are relying on videos, so are others at those companies. With so many videos, what can you do to increase video views and, more importantly, heighten your “click-through” rate? (A click- through is when a viewer is motivated – after watching your video – to click through to a website to get more information, a squeeze page to capture emails, or a sales page for you to make a sell.) Here are a few tips to help make that happen:

Tip 1: Short and Sweet
Dr. Phil was asked how he or his staff determines who should be a guest on his talk show. He said, that if a potential guest couldn’t tell him in 90 seconds why he/she should be on the program, they weren’t.

Why is that important? Because, we have short attention spans, and Dr. Phil knows if he can’t grab a viewer in less than 90 seconds, the viewer is gone. While your potential viewer may not be the average Dr. Phil viewer, you will notice that all television shows, commercials, and news programs follow the “grab-their-attention-so-we-can-hold-them” format.

So to increase video views and keep the viewer watching, at the beginning, highlight why the viewer should be interested in what you’re offering and why they should keep watching your video. That process should happen in the first 90 to 120 seconds, and your whole video should be no longer than 8 to10 minutes.

You may shout, “I can’t tell a customer everything I need to in 10 minutes.” If you can’t, then you need to refine your script. Focus on one key message, and break down the key components of that message into no more than 3 points. At the end of the video, use a “call to action” of some kind, which could be as simple as “click here for more information.” Another tip is to end the video with a question that evokes an emotional response tied to an action, such as: “Do you want to increase your qualified leads and get more sales? Then click here!” Why does that work? (See next tip.)

Tip 2: Tap into an Emotion
There’s the old saying, “If you touch the heart, you can change a mind.” Very true; however, if you touch powerful emotions such as fear, greed, lust, and worry, you may be able to persuade viewers to click-through to find out more about what you’re offering.

Remember, if you’re selling a product to increase productivity so the viewer can be more profitable, you’re touching the emotions of power and greed. If what you’re selling is to prevent falling behind the competition, you’re touching envy, lust, and possibly fear.

Look at your key message and determine what main emotion you can subconsciously tap into. A potential viewer has a problem that needs to be solved so that he/she can make more money, be more successful, get promoted, be powerful, be noticed, etc. Find your viewer’s emotion and tap into it.

Tip 3: Avoid Overload
Use charts, statistics and testimonials sparingly. Also, diminish special effects, overpowering intros with graphics, etc. Keep it simple, clean and fast. The focus needs to be on telling your viewer what their problem is … and that they can solve it by “clicking here!”

Remember, while getting “eyeballs” is important (especially if you’re focused on improving your SEO), what’s critical are click-throughs. It’s about grabbing the attention of the viewer and holding it, so that you can communicate your message and motivate him/her to action.

These are just three tips to help you achieve that goal – to help you increase video views and CTR and maximize the power of the video.

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