September 8, 2020

Going Through Hell? 7 Steps to Help You Keep Going Through 2020 Hell

If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going - Churchill 7 Steps to Help You Keep Going Through 2020 Hell

If these last few months haven’t felt like hell, good for you. Who had all of this on their 2020 bingo card? My business came to a grinding halt, as meetings and events were cancelled left and right. Currently, there is hope that my industry will return in 2021, but what will it be like? How different will it be?

Due to the pandemic, there are many who have lost their jobs and incomes. Some, due to fire and floods, have lost their homes and loved ones. Others, due to racial injustice, have lost their lives.

It feels like hell. But as Winston Churchill once said (or is attributed to him), during a time when the world was going through hell – keep going! He did say, “Never, never give up!” And that, my dear reader, is what you must remember, as well. Never Give Up!

What to do? Here are 7 steps that I follow to keep going:

  1. Stay connected. Keep in contact with friends, business associates (both employed and unemployed). Linkedin and other social media platforms are great ways to stay connected. Every industry has numerous discussion groups. Join up and start posting, get talking or give some thumbs ups!
  2. Reach out to make new connections. Take an interest in others. Try and help other people as many are hurting. Just listen. Sometimes that’s all that is needed. (You can find new connections via the social media, mentioned above.)
  3. Keep abreast of business news and news, in general. Don’t keep your head in the sand. Make sure you are aware of what is going on in your neighborhood, city, state, country and the world.
  4. Take this time period to learn new skills. Now is the time to learn a new computer skill, a new language, complete some schooling or try out that entrepreneurial idea! (Keep moving!)
  5. Make an effort to take care of your body. Eat properly, train effectively and get rest. Try to do some lighter work such as yoga, power walking, etc.
  6. Give your mind a break. Tap into meditation. Read some spiritual or religious works that inspire you.
  7. Take some family time. Even if you have no immediate family, pick up the phone, send a text. You can make nature your family and plant a tomato plant, go for a walk and talk to the trees. Connect outside of work and business – connect to life.

This time period does feel like hell and nothing that many of us have ever been through before. But our ancestors have gone though worse and survived. We can, too. Hopefully, these 7 steps will help you keep going through – what we perceive to be our current – hell.