July 13, 2016

Yogi Pug Speaks – Stop Taking Yourself or Life So Seriously!

Yogi Pug Speaks Don't Take Life or Yourself Too Seriously

Yogi Pug states, “Stop taking yourself so seriously. It’s really annoying.” Now, Yogi knows there are times when an event occurs that may be of a serious, life threatening danger. But, Yogi is not talking about those rare instances.

He is talking about the vast majority of your life when you choose to make an event or a chore you have chosen to do more complicated, serious or important than it actually needs to be and therefore take yourself very seriously.

Yogi has seen many people complicate the simple in order to appear more important or busy. It gives some a false sense of power. For others, they use it as a way to keep others at bay (bosses, fellow employees). It’s the “Look, how tough my job is! You don’t want my job and you better not fire me, because no one else could do what I do!” delusion.

Just take a look at people’s faces. Rare is the smiling peaceful face. Instead, frowning, glaring, pursed lips and angered faces hide the insecurity and fear that runs dominate throughout most people’s consciousness and subconsciousness.

And while Yogi is never annoyed at people – he always chuckles at them – taking yourself so seriously does annoy others, because others don’t view your “emergency or problem” to be important.

Probably, because it is most likely not.

As stated, unless it is life threatening, what is really going on that is so horrible in your life or is so vastly important that you have to walk around complaining, moaning or being angry, rude or demeaning to others?

What event is occurring or do you THINK MAY occur that REALLY requires such a super serious demeanor? Just how important do you REALLY think your job is to the overall spinning of this little ball in the huge galaxy?

As Eckhart Tolle said, “Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.” And, if you choose to think about it… it really isn’t.

Despite the ups and downs, the struggles and triumphs, the good and the bad or whatever duality you would like to use, your life – for the most part is brilliant. Rarely do you REALLY ever need to be super serious for any length of time.

That doesn’t mean you’re all giggly and wiggly. It just means to chill out.

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