March 6, 2017

Want to Follow Your Calling, Find Your Bliss? Then Slay Your Dragon

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Sat Chit Ananda comes from Hinduism. It is the combination of 3 Sanskrit words (the liturgical language of Hinduism) meaning Being, Consciousness, Bliss. Once attained it leads to the Absolute, God, enlightenment or heaven on earth. 

Being conscious of your bliss is heaven on earth. It’s being conscious of what makes you happy. Most people have no idea what makes them happy. And of those who do, how many follow that bliss?

How does one find their bliss? It’s a calling. However, sometimes that calling makes us afraid. You feel called to write a book, but you fear doing so. You put obstacles in your way via analysis and questions. “Who would buy it?” “I don’t have the time?” “How do I begin?” You feel called to become a professional speaker or an artist. Again, the fear of doing it or even attempting to do it frightens you. So, you let the dragon lay.

The dragon? Yes, the dragon. The dragon is your fear and it stands in the way of your bliss. Have you ever read the stories of the Knights of the Round Table or other medieval mythology? There was always a dragon to slay. The dragon needed to be slayed, because it held a princess or a town captive. When the princess or town was saved – there was bliss!

The dragon represents the darkness, the fear that stands in your way of realizing your bliss. Once you have found your bliss – your calling – then you are conscious of this bliss and to achieve heaven on earth, you must slay the dragon of your fears. How does one slay the dragon? How did the prince slay the dragon? Did he form a committee and ask for input? Did he sit around with the other town’s people and hope that a miracle would happen? No, he gathered his weapons and went and slayed the dragon. What were his weapons? A sword and the knowledge of how to use the sword.

What are your weapons? Firstly, you possess intelligence, which is the gathering of information and materials needed. Secondly, you can foster intellect, which is the use of that intelligence. You say, “I want to write a book.” So, you get out your computer and start typing. You use your intelligence to see how others have written books and use your intellect to test their ideas and use what you like and disregard what you don’t.

The bottom line is that you are writing, and just the writing alone begins the slaying of the dragon. As you continue to write, the dragon dies. Your fear of writing a book has been overcome, the dragon is dead and you have entered your bliss. You look forward to your time at writing. You’re being conscious of your bliss – Sat Chit Ananda.

This works for any calling you may have. You want to speak; go speak. There are plenty of places that want speakers that have the knowledge you possess. Find how other speakers have grown their skills and using your intellect, test their ideas and use what you feel is right for you. Every time you speak, you are slaying the dragon. When you no longer fear speaking and look forward to doing so, the dragon dies. You have entered your bliss. You are conscious of your bliss – Sat Chit Ananda.

What is calling you? What is your idea of bliss? What is your dragon? What is standing in the way of your bliss? Are you willing to slay that dragon and realize your bliss?

When you can answer these questions, you will be on the road to experience Sat Chit Ananda.

Image courtesy of saphatthachat at

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