February 13, 2017

Using Your Gifts and Talents: The Man and His Gold

man and his gold story bob garner blog

Many years ago a man sold everything he had and them took the money and had it melted down to a single lump of gold.

He took this lump of gold into a field and buried it next to a tree, which would be a reminder to him as to the location of his treasure.

Day after day, the man would visit his treasure. He would sit next to the tree and just stare at the spot where it was buried.

The man’s servant noticed his master’s daily trips and decided to follow him. The servant hid in the shadows and watched the man gloating over a spot in the ground. After his master had left, the servant went to the spot and started to dig in the ground.

Soon, the servant found the lump of gold and took it with him as he ran away with it never to be seen again.

The next day, the man came back to visit his gold and finding it stolen, he began to cry and scream.

A woman heard those screams as she passed by the field and, seeing a man in distress, she ran to him. She asked the man, “What is wrong? Why are you in pain?”

The man told her how he had sold all his worldly possessions for a single lump of gold and that he had buried it in the ground. He cried, “My only real joy in life was to come to this field and gaze at my treasure?”

Slightly taken aback, the woman asked, “You sold everything for a lump of gold, buried it and your only joy was to come out to this field and stare at it?

“Yes,” the man said quietly.

“You never did anything with the money? You never were going to spend it or use it for anything?”

“No, the man replied, “I just wanted to look at it.”

“Oh, in that case,” the woman said in a comforting voice, “just cover the hole where your gold used to be with a stone and visit the stone everyday. You will be no more worse off than before when your gold was there and was no real good to you!”

Lesson: Your skills and talents are your treasures. They are your gold, yet if you don’t use them, what good are they?

Take a few minutes to be mindful of your skill set. Examine your talents. Are you using them as much as possible. Do you need to dig up some of your old talents, shine them up a bit and start using them again?

“The thing you do that you think is so easy that anyone can do…that’s your gift. That’s your talent. Trust me, no one else can do it as well as you.” – Bob Garner


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