July 18, 2017

To the World You May Be One Person. But to One Person You May Be the World

To the World You May Be One Person. But to One Person You May Be the World

With so much attention on celebrities, sports personalities, politicians, media darlings and other assorted “stars,” it’s easy to think that we mean very little to the world.

However, no matter who you are there is someone who is happy that you’re still around or will be. By that I mean, you may know that person who is happy you’re still kicking – and even a pain in their ass at times – or maybe you have not yet met that person but will and just your being you gave them an opportunity to breath easier or just smile.

Perhaps, a small act of kindness, a wink or a nod of your head was enough to let them know you acknowledged them and that made all the difference to them in… go ahead… finish it…. the world.

Closer to home, maybe a friend, family member, business associate or neighbor delights in your sense of humor or when you give them a quick call or text to just “check in.” Again, you make their day… and you probably feel good when you do it… if you take a moment to be aware.

So, just for today, forget about the celebs, politicians, squawking journalists and sports folks and take a moment to be aware. Take a moment to emotionally touch a friend or loved one. Let them know you’re there. Take a second to smile at a stranger or wish them a good day.

It doesn’t matter if they respond outwardly or not. They will, more than likely, do so inwardly. And that is what really counts. To that person, at that moment, you are the world.

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