August 6, 2021

The Power of the Present Moment – Meditation

The Power of the Present Moment Meditation Blog Bob Garner

“The importance of meditation? I can’t stress it enough,” said the late Wayne Dyer. He continued to say that it’s during meditation that you get in touch with the silence that will aid your intuition and reveal to you ideas or paths to follow.

Prior to Covid, during my presentations I would discuss the power of the present moment which is can be easier to realize via paying attention to your breathe and your breathing. Even a few minutes of concentrated breathing will pay major benefits to calming your mind, relaxing your muscles and finding that space to be at ease. All of which helps in making decisions, dealing with frustrations, as well as the challenges of working with other people.

While concentrating on your breath is beneficial, meditation goes a little further. While many people go to the gym to build a stronger physical foundation, it’s important not to overlook a strong mental foundation. The noted monk, Ajahn Brahm once noted, “Meditation is like a gym where you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.”

And that is what meditation can aid in – a strong mental foundation. Just focusing occasionally on breathing is akin to only occasionally exercising; it’s not very beneficial. You have to do both (exercise and mediate) on a consistent basis to get the full benefit. And the full benefit of meditation is, as Dyer mentioned, the ability to get to that “place of silence.”

From that silent perspective, clarity can be realized more fully, solutions may appear and a sense of peace can be manifested. All of which can aid you in moving through your day with more grace and ease.