October 17, 2016

The Power of Focus – Walking the Wire

news talk radio focus on what we want to happen and not on what we don’t want to happen.

There he was … twenty stories in the air. Nothing separated him from the ground, but a small wire – tightly stretched between two buildings. The man on that wire was Karl Wallenda – the leader of the Great Wallendas – a famous tightrope-walking act.

For years, Wallenda had performed this stunt. Through focused concentration combined with steel nerves, he did what most of us would never even think of doing – risking his life for the enjoyment and amazement of others. Wallenda once said, “Life is walking the wire; everything else is just waiting around.”

He rarely had a problem while he was on the wire, except for one fateful time in the late 1960’s. Wallenda lost his life while walking the wire in Puerto Rico. He was walking between two high rises that were across the street from one another. The audience witnessed that he started out across the rope and got about half way to the other side, when all of a sudden, he stopped. Spectators watched Wallenda kneel down on the wire, teeter with the balance poll, and moments later, fall to his death.

His widow said that Wallenda had performed this similar feat hundreds of times and that he had always focused his mental energy into simply …walking the rope. However, she said that for three months prior to this particular walk, all he had thought about was… not falling. For some reason, Wallenda tragically chose to focus on not falling, as opposed to just walking the wire. He focused on the wrong thing.

This story reminds us that we must always focus on what we want to happen and not on what we don’t want to happen. Look at your life (goal or situation) from a positive perspective. Visualize yourself being successful at what you want to achieve. In other words, complete the task successfully in your mind. Concentrate on a positive outcome and then - let your actions follow.

Wallenda’s story is powerful reminder about the importance of focus.

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