November 5, 2015

The Magic of Dealing With Problems – Change – Remove – Accept

Problems come in all shapes and sizes. Dealing with problems can, sometimes, make us so frustrated that we want to quit. However, if we would just change our view of the situation, oftentimes, the solution appears and the problem disappears… like magic!

There are three ways to look at any situation – or how you should respond to any situation:

  • Change the situation
  • Remove yourself from the situation
  • Accept the situation.

Change the Situation: Without involving any negative emotion, ask yourself if you can change the situation. Do you have to speak to someone about the situation? Do you have to change something about yourself or what you are doing? Again, look at the situation logically. Sometimes, you can’t speak to someone or that person won’t listen to you or you really can’t change yourself or what you’re doing. If that is the case, then you can move to the next step…

Remove Yourself from the Situation: You may need to stop dealing with a particular person or limit you time with that person. You may need to find a different job or position. You may need to move and so on. It’s about, logically, seeing how you can diminish or eliminate your presence from the problem. If that won’t work, then you go to the final step…

Accept the Situation: Sometimes, you can’t change the situation or remove yourself. Then you have to accept the situation. It is what it is. While that may seem defeatist; it’s not. Surrender is not weakness. It is controlled strength. From that position, you can then view the problem as a learning experience. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from all of this?” “How can I use this challenge to grow?”

No matter which response you choose, you must eliminate any negative feelings/emotions such as anger, revenge, greed, stress, or disgust from your decision. These negative emotions act like a huge weight that you carry with you. Just drop the baggage. You don’t need to carry that weight!

While any of these may not be comfortable or make you unhappy – these are temporary emotions. Instead, you can choose peace.

And, through this peace – in time – the solution appears, the situation gets cleared up or the problem just disappears… like magic!

Remember: When you’re dealing with problems, you can ALWAYS choose how you respond to that problem. Choose wisely!

Author, entrepreneur and international speaker Bob Garner is recognized by Fortune 1000 corporate clients worldwide as a funny motivational speaker who actually has something to say. ©2015 BobGarner

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