July 2, 2019

Suffering: Stop Resisting the Unpleasant

Suffering the resistance to the unpleasant thinig

Sometimes we are faced with having to accept or do something that is unpleasant. Perhaps, it’s not as heavy as unpleasant, but it’s just uncomfortable. In either case, the more we resist “what is,” the worse it’s going to get.

It’s the resistance to the unpleasant situation that causes the real suffering, because deep down,the situation is neutral, it’s how we respond to it that gives it power.

If you’re faced with having to accept or do something that is unpleasant and you have no other avenue, then just take a deep breathe and move forward. Then the suffering will begin to diminish.

In time, the pain will dissipate and the event will become a memory.

But maybe there is something to be gained from what you’re experiencing. Is there a lesson that you can learn from the event? Will you be able to use what happened to aid you or someone else in the future should a similar situation occur again?



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