March 3, 2020

More Possibilities Than We Realize

Possibilities Than You Realize Thich Nhat Hanh quotes

Oftentimes, we look at a problem and only see more problems. Instead, maybe, we can make an effort to look at the possibilities that we can experience from the problem or challenge. Perhaps, instead of thinking there is only one or two ways to handle a situation, maybe there are more.

Remember, a flower is planted in the dark, in the mud, sometimes in poop. Yet, in time, it breaks through and reaches its destiny of beauty.

You may be struggling now, but it is only a season; not a life sentence. Instead of fearing the problem – embrace it. Examine it. Look for creative or different ways to overcome the challenge.

If there are no other ways to handle the problem, then, perhaps, as mentioned, you can gain something from the experience – patience, trust, compassion for others who may, one day, go through the same issue, and more.

Be open to more!




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