May 5, 2015

Mega Millionaire Simmons Says Secret to Success – Meditation

meditation russell simmons oprah blog bob garnerNice photo huh? Well, every good picture has a story and here is it…

I was waiting on my wife to get ready to take our dog for a walk. (Why she has to put on makeup and blow dry her hair to do this is beyond me… guess it’s a girl thing!) Anyway, I was flicking through the tube and landed on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday . Her guest was Russell Simmons who co-founded the hip-hop music label Def Jam; discovered LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys, and so on – and, according to Forbes, is worth over $110 million.

He was talking about the benefits of meditation and how he believes it was one of the primary factors behind his amazing success. He stated that it allowed him to quiet all the thoughts going through his mind, get focused, re-energize and be more creative, while remaining peaceful and present.

I have been an off and on meditator – more off than on – yet, what Simmons said rang a bell in my head. Like most people, I have a ton of things on my mind – my businesses, my health, money, relationships, etc. And these thoughts (things I need to do or something I’m worrying about) – just bounce around up there in my head. And because of that “noise” in my head – I suffer – things don’t get done, I spend precious time worrying about this or that, and so on.

As it would be, I was ready to watch more; however, my wife was now ready to walk the dog, so I turned off the TV and we headed out.

During our walk, I discussed with my wife what I just watched, and when we got to the above photo, we all stopped – me, my wife and the pooch – and began to meditate. (Not sure about my dog, but he was quiet.) We didn’t do anything fancy, we just sat there on a bench, eyes closed, just letting our thoughts come and go.

Thoughts would come and, like turning a page of a book, I would watch them go out of my mind. It would be peaceful in my head for a moment and then “pop!” – up would come more thoughts about what needed to be done or potential problems or issues. But, I watched them float out of my mind. I let my mind settle. My wife did the same. Before we knew it, 15 minutes had passed.

Now, here is where the photo comes in. You see, while the above photo looks serene, the surrounding area, as far as noise, was not. Behind us, there were trucks beeping as they backed up, someone was sawing and hammering, music was playing, etc. Yet, somehow, we were able to block all that “outside” noise and quiet down our “inside” noise.

I have to tell, as we walked back home, we felt very “light.” We felt better, centered, I guess, even “slower “would be the right term. Amidst all that “noise,” we found “peace.”

What was even more remarkable was that upon returning home, my wife and I changed clothes and covered our front yard with 40 bags of mulch… something we had wanted to do for months.

Do you know how much 40 bags of mulch is? It took us 6 hours to do the job, but we felt great the entire time. The only thing I can attribute to accomplishing this goal was our earlier meditation. It helped my wife and me to quite our minds, get focused and achieve our long-desired goal. WOW! Thank you Russell Simmons!

What about you? You may be surrounded by outside noise and chaos, but you can have inner calm and peace. Do you want that kind of peace? Do you want to be more focused, creative and productive? If so, there are a plethora of videos on the Internet on how to meditate. They basically all same the same thing, but you can check out how Russell Simmons meditates on this site.

If you already mediate, I was wondering, how it has helped you? Please share your experience with me and others below in the comment section.

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