May 31, 2021

Life Is Not a Race. Slow Down and Breathe

Life is not a race. Go sowly, breathe and smile thich nhat hanh

Just a couple of questions: Why are you working so hard? Are your goals more important than your health, your emotional well-being or the well-being of your family? Are your needs and desires out of control? I mean, is that why you’re working so hard – to make more money to pay for crap you don’t really need?

Working hard to build your business or putting in excessively long hours at your job? At what cost?

Take a step back and realize that in the end, none of that will matter.Some of the unhappiest people I have ever met were the most successful in the “eyes” of the world. From celebrities and sport personalities to politicians and business people to so-called spiritual and entrepreneurial gurus, many are just a mess.

Listen, you need to slow down. All will get done. You can build your business or work for your company without sacrificing your physical, emotional and family’s well-being. Don’t believe the social media hype. Just slow the hell down.

Go take a seat. Put a smile on your face. Take a deep breathe. Now, take a few more. Can you see nature? Can you see a blade of grass or a bird or an ant? Watch it. Keep breathing and smiling. Keep watching. Maybe you can see a cloud. Watch the cloud.

Just slow your breathing. Keep a smile on your face. Just calmly move forward through your day. Slow down, keep smiling and breathe. Go slowly. All is well. All is good. Whatever may come up, remember it will always work out just the way it’s suppose to. Be happy.