August 7, 2016

Finding a Hero In Your Mirror

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Many years ago, a man was asked to portray Santa Claus at an elementary school. On that day, dressed in the familiar outfit of the famous giver of gifts, Santa had each child climb on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

Santa heard the usual requests for this toy and that… until one little boy climbed up on his lap.

This little boy told Santa that his name was Tommy. And Santa asked, “Well, Tommy, what do you want for Christmas?”

Tommy looked at Santa and said, “All I want are some socks.”

Santa froze. The other children didn’t hear what the boy said, but Santa clearly did. “You want socks?” Santa asked.

“Yes,” said Tommy. “All of my socks have holes in them, and I would really like some new socks.”

Santa then said, “Tommy, I can guarantee you that you will have some new socks this Christmas.”

And Santa was good on his word. Tommy got a number of new socks, as well as some toys to play with… not only that year, but for years to follow.

How do I know? Well, I was that Santa … and that Christmas – Santa was a real hero to that little boy.

You know, when I was a child, I thought heroes were from outer space like Captain Kirk or wore capes like Batman or a bright red suit (and had a big thick beard) and showed up on Christmas.

These heroes provided hope, goodness and love, because that’s what real heroes do … and they do it without the need to be payed back, to be noticed or even thanked for what they did.

A real hero doesn’t require a parade with them as the grand marshal or to have a building named after them. A real hero sees a need and fills it. And they don’t always have to fill that need with things or money; they don’t always need to rescue the damsel from distress or fight a dragon. Sometimes just pure love and kindness will do. A small act of kindness can go a long way in the life of someone else or the life of an animal or this little planet we call Earth.

Oftentimes, we look toward others to be the hero.

We search for someone to offer us hope, goodness or love. We turn to celebrities, sport personalities, politicians, business people or family or friends… and sometimes, we are severely disappointed.

So, perhaps, instead of searching for a hero, we should take a closer look at the person we see, when we look in the mirror.

Who is that person? What do I see?

This week, perhaps, as you glance in your mirror to get ready for your day, you can take an extra moment and be mindful of what good you might be able to do for someone else. Perhaps, you can remind yourself, at the very least, to make a point to try and offer kindness and love to another person, an animal… or the planet. Remember, just the smallest act by you can turn you into a hero.

What a marvelous idea.

In fact, if you keep that idea of kindness in mind throughout your day, then maybe, at the end of your day, as you, once again, stare into your mirror brushing your teeth or combing your hair, you’ll be able to answer that question of, “What do I see?” with, “I see a hero?”

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