September 6, 2017

Down 69 Pounds and Counting – How a Plant Based, Whole Food Lifestyle Changed My Life

vegan plant based whole foods lifestyle weight loss bob garner

For most of my life I have struggled with my weight. I constantly would yo – yo with my weight and less than a year ago, I topped out at 236. I had a 42 inch waist and was, obviously, unhealthy and way out of shape. (That means an obese guy with bad knees, high cholesterol, bad vitals… yuck!)

I lost the first 30 fast, because I became a vegan. (BTW – I didn’t become a vegan to lose weight, I did it because I hate how animals are tortured and slaughtered – and yes that goes for your “free range” horseshit marketing spin. The weight loss was an added benefit that helped to get me motivated to lose more.)

So, I started on the next pounds to lose, but I was having a harder time, because, even though I wasn’t eating meat, dairy and eggs, I was eating Oreos, chips, pretzels, french fries, beer, and PROCESSED vegan food.

Plus, I didn’t FULLY comprehend that weight loss is primarily math. I finally realized that I had to not only eat properly, but also reduce my caloric consumption.

I then committed to a totally plant based AND Whole food LIFESTYLE – not diet, lifestyle. BAMMO – the weight started to fall off. I also lowered my oil usage to almost nil and upped my workouts. (I’ll blog about that later if any one cares what I did and still do to workout.)

Anyway, for me, losing 69 pounds (167 pds), dropping from a size 42 waist to a 32, having a resting heart rate of 53 and being able to out train guys half my age is amazing. Plus, not only did I lose the weight, but my blood work is amazing. (You see, you can be thin or in shape on the outside, but fat and out of shape on the inside – translation, stop eating meat, dairy and eggs and get fit and trim on the inside too!)

Thanks to my wife, Marleta, for helping me with food choice and training – she is my training partner – Los Osos Fitness for giving me a place to train, as well as a super staff like Danielle, Laura, Nolan and Derek that provides inspiration and encouragement.

I still have about 10 pounds or so to go and I have no doubt I will hit that before the end of the year. I’ll keep you updated!

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