October 11, 2017

Don’t Give Up Your Power – Make Today Your Day of Power

The most common way for people to give up their powers is to think they din't have any.

You are more powerful than you probably are aware. Too often, you don’t give yourself enough credit for the awesome things that you have done throughout your life, as well as for the skills and talents that make you, uniquely, you.

You have tremendous power. And you can choose to use that power, hold back your power or you can choose to have someone else use your power for themselves.

If you don’t use your power, someone will use it for you.  Other people will lie to you and tell you that you don’t have power. They will try and tell you that you don’t have the skills, the abilities, the education, the money or the connections to live the life you desire.

That is all lies.

You have amazing skills and talents.  You have tremendous drive.  You have patience and persistence.  It’s just a matter of learning how to untap that power and use that power.

And the first step is just acknowledging that you do have power. Take that first step today.

Tell yourself, “I have the power. I am my power.” And say it over and over again until it becomes that inner voice that shouts down the negativity of others.

Then decide what you want to do and go for it. Examine your dream and see how it can serve others through creating something or helping to solve a problem. Maybe you dream can help make life easier for others or bring beauty to their life or inspire them to greatness. No dream that is worthwhile happens in a vacuum.

A great dream serves others.

If you really examine your dream, you will discover a way to serve others with that dream. Use that to energize and fortify your desire.

Today’s the day that you understand you do have power and you will use it to help you accomplish your goals and serve others. Today is the day to make a decision that no one’s going to take your power.


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