May 5, 2020

Control Your Anger: The Best Fighters Never Get Angry

Control Your Anger: The Best Fighters Never Get Angry Lao Tzu Quotes

I love boxing and MMA. I do boxing workouts at home and enjoy the health benefits from doing so, especially hitting the heavy bag. However, I know some guys – and some gals – who go and hit the bag when they are angry. In no time at all, they run out of energy or they hurt their hand from hitting the bag to hard – due to their anger.

Fighters know that they can’t allow their emotions to rule their behavior in the ring or during a workout. Anger makes your thinking murky; you respond incorrectly to the situation or don’t pay enough attention to what needs to be done. And then you can have major problems (like someone out boxing you in the ring or you end up hitting the bag the wrong way and hurt your hand, wrist or arm).

There is another saying which is you can’t always control what happens to you but you can always control how your respond to what happens. Learning to control your emotion of anger means you are learning to control your (response) actions and also your thoughts and your mind.

THAT is what puts power in your punch. Not being angry. Any fool can be angry and act out. But only a wise person can control their anger. Only a wise person will handle issues or situations like a sage – calm, in control and with peace.

So, next time you get angry… choose to calm that feeling. Take a few deep breathes. Go and sit and meditate or just sit and relax by yourself. All issues and situations – no matter HOW bad – can be handled with poise and peace.

More than likely, what ever is the issue, it won’t REALLY matter in 5 years or maybe 5 months or even 5 days or minutes. And in that rare case where it may, choose to accept it and see what the lesson may be for you. That will take the punch out of the issue and leave you standing a victor as opposed to being down for the count