March 20, 2015

You Have a Dream!

You Have A Dream!

You have a dream.
Develop a plan.
Act on that plan.
Don’t be afraid. Take baby steps.
Keep going. You’re doing fine!

Take a look at this photo. It’s a great reminder of how you can turn your dream into reality. You can! It takes a willingness to not only think about what you want to do, but also allowing that dream to grow. To do that you have to have a plan. Not a super detailed plan – just an outline will work for now. Obviously, if you can create a detailed plan – that is better. But, at first, it may be too challenging. So, start with a small plan.

Then act on that plan. Take each step and work on it. You may need to work on a few steps at the same time. That’s fine – there are no hard rules. Just act.

Don’t be afraid to act. Take calculated risks. Think about what you want to do and take baby steps. Don’t over reach – just take a small step each day until you master that step and then move on.

Then keep going. You’re doing fine. Every new idea – or dream/goal – takes time. Bless each moment – no matter how challenging – and realize that if one idea seems to be blocked, that it is okay to try a different route. Be patient and enjoy the journey!

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