July 31, 2017

Taking Some Time Off – See Ya After Labor Day!

August relax blog

Howdy gang,

Thanks for reading my blog posts and for circulating them via social media. Also, appreciate the emails some of you have sent me as well as the kind words about my blog from those whom I have met in person. I am really grateful that you all take time to read what I send out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Going to be taking some time off so that I can chill a bit. It’s been a whirl wind year and the fall is packed with events and meetings – next year is booking up too.

I hope that you’re finding peace in this hectic world and maybe you can carve some time out to just “be” as opposed to “do.” I know you know this: be kind to yourself and to others.

So, I will see ya on the other side of Labor Day.


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