June 2, 2015

Put My Cat Down But Vet’s Phone Told Me He Was OK

Cats Passed But Cell Phone Said He's OKMy wife and I have always rescued our pets. For us,adoption is the only option.

Wesley, our cat, was rescued along with another cat from a local shelter, about 10 years ago. Like many people who have pets, coming to our house was like coming to a top-notch resort where all needs are met and you want for nothing.

Wes was unique because he was not only a talker, but also a bit of a character. If someone would get into trouble in the house… it was Wes. Both of these cats lived with various other recused pets and always just took it in stride. (Hey, we are one big happy family!)

While pets bring you an enormous amount of love, they do come with a slight downside, which is you know – in the back of your mind – that one day, you may have to one day put them down. That is what happened to Wes.

A few months ago, he was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor located behind his left eye. The diagnosis was bleak.

It was odd, because Wes was eating, fully conscious, playing, everything. You try this medication and that, you keep him comfortable and don’t let him suffer, but you know that eventually the cancer will win and it did. One day, he took a sudden turn for the worse, and I had to make the decision that all pet owners dread.

We took Wes back to the vet’s office and said our goodbyes. We stayed with him as the doctor injected him and Wes slowly went to sleep. After the final injection, the vet put his stethoscope on Wes’ lifeless body. The vet listened for a moment, pulled the stethoscope away and said, “He’s gone.”

And then, at that very instant, the vet’s cell phone rang and the ringtone was the theme from the 1960’s television show “The Banana Splits!” La, la, la, lalalala, la, la, la, lalalala. The vet jumped back and exclaimed, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” My wife and I burst out laughing.

That was perfect! The timing was split second and is something that, if Wes were a human, he would have done. That cheerful, playful ringtone told us that Wes was fine and was now romping with the other rescued pets he had met at our house. All was good.

Now, some people may say that’s a nice story, but it’s nonsense. They may say my wife and I were just looking for a sign and we would take anything to make us feel better… blah, blah, blah.

Well, we weren’t looking for a sign, but we feel that we received one. To us, that ringtone said, “Mom and Dad, guess what? I’m okay!” And to any pet owner, that is a gift that no one can ever take away.

Have you ever had a similar experience? I would love to hear about it. Please share below in the comments section.

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