March 19, 2014

Michael Row the Boat Ashore – Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos

I was working out at the gym and flicking through the audio channels on the treadmill and heard this great song from my childhood. It stopped me cold.

Historically, according to Wikipedia, slaves whose owners had abandoned the island of St, Helena in South Carolina, before the Union came to enforce a blockade, sang this song as they rowed their boats ashore to freedom. Of course, I didn’t know that when I heard it at the gym. At that moment, it reminded me of trying to find peace in the midst of all the things that are going on that seem to be wrong or bad.

It made me stop and think that even in the midst of all that… there can be peace, love and hope. We’ve just got to keep rowing. (As it says, “The river is deep and the river is wide. Milk and honey on the other side.”) Are you with me?

So, take a few moments, click on the video and, maybe, just maybe, sing along. You may feel sad at first. But afterwards, you’ll feel much better. Are you ready? How does it make you feel?