April 5, 2021

Choosing Peace – Taking the Road to Peace

Choose Peace - The Road to Peace

You can’t always choose what is happening in your life, but you can always choose how you respond to any event. I believe that 80% of the things that happen in my life is a result of something I did or did not do. In other words, I was the cause. The other 20% is due to something out of our control.

However, as mentioned, we have a choice to make as to how we respond. It’s like one choice can lead to peace and the other away from it. That decision can, sometimes, be challenging as the choice that needs to be made may lead to some discomfort. But, if in the end, if we feel the choice will lead to peace, then, even though it may be uncomfortable for a short time, it may be the peaceful choice.

The important point is to try to make a choice that leads to peace. Some people prefer the drama and pain, albeit unconsciously. Don’t be that person. They’re draining. Instead, be the person who walks in peace. Be the person who accepts the fact that life is not always fair and that things happen.

If you caused the issue, apologize if possible and try to rectify it. If apologizing or correcting the issue will not lead to peace, then just accept that and move on. If you didn’t cause the issue but can rectify it, then do that. If not, just accept it.

Always look for the road that will lead to peace and take it.