March 6, 2014


What's-Really-Your-Passion2 William Batten, a former business executive once said, “There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money – except that it should not become the sole objective. The end should be to provide a service or product that people need.”

No matter what your passion is in life, should you decide to follow it and turn that passion into reality, that passion must provide a service or product that people need. It’s not as hard as you might imagine.

For example, say your passion is painting art. The product that you will create will satisfy the need of those who enjoy the beauty of art. You will touch their emotions. Perhaps, you will awaken senses and feelings that have been dormant and bring to your customer – as anyone who appreciates art knows – hours, if not days and years of peace and enjoyment.

You may ask, “Can my artwork do that?” The answer is “Yes.”

Say your passion is making money. I would ask you, “Is it really? Or is your passion really the art of making deals?” Examine what you have just read. Are you fascinated when you read how some people at a company put together a merger or acquired another company? Are you intrigued when someone takes an idea and launches a successful company? If so, then, perhaps, you are more intrigued by the details behind how certain deals are brought together or how ideas or hobbies become successful businesses. Therefore, your passion goes beyond “making money.” The money is the by-product or, as many others have said, just a way of keeping score. (However, you would not understand that or know that, unless you took the time to examine your passion and see it for what it really is.)

Take what you believe to be “your passion” and break it down to your core passion. Examine it and ask yourself, “What am I trying to create? What am I really interested in? What are the true feelings or emotions behind my passion?” Delve deep into your thoughts and ask yourself, “How does my passion affect other people? How can others benefit from my passion?”

Through examination, you may discover not only what is really your passion, but also a renewed sense of passion… for your passion.

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