July 2, 2014

P.T. Barnum – 10 Rules For Business Success

P.T. Barnum – who never said the “sucker” line – was the quintessential entrepreneur. His sage advice helped many become millionaires. In honor of his birthday, July 5, 1810, I wanted to share with you his “10 Rules for Success.”

While what he said may sound simple, you will see that many have overlooked, forgotten or just don’t follow these common sense rules. And as I say in my presentations, “It’s the simple things that people forget – or refuse to do – that make all the difference.”

In this first part, we cover Barnum’s first 5 rules of success.The second set can be found after July 8, 2014 on my blog at http://www.bobgarneronline.com – all for free.

Taken from his speech “The Art of Money Getting,” the following are the first 5 rules for success, according to P.T. Barnum:

Rule 1) Don’t Mistake Your Vocation
Rule 2) Select the Right Location
Rule 3) Avoid Debt
Rule 4) Persevere
Rule 5) Whatever You Do, Do It With All of Your Might

Watch the video to discover a more modern interpretation of these rules by entrepreneur expert and funny motivational keynote speaker Bob Garner. And check back for part 2, after July 8th, right here on my blog. Also, please sign up below to get more posts and receive a free video on the 3 questions that could change your life.

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