February 18, 2014

Judy K. Katz – Author/Speaker Who Proves the Principle

Judy K. Katz is a top coach, speaker and author of the book, “Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt.” In her book, she reveals how to access and unleash the creative power within you. Judy also shares how you can easily come to accept and forgive what you are currently resisting, whether it is yourself or another, decrease your inner stress tremendously, and access your creative, genius power and thrive!

What is equally important as the information she shares is that she is a spiritual/empowering author and speaker who actually “proves the principle.” In other words, what she shares she has proven in her life – it’s a manifested reality. As Ernest Holmes once said, “What you can prove must be the truth.” Therefore, since Judy can prove her abundance, peace and power, what she says must be the truth.

For a quick peek, you can go here – http://www.wealthtransformations.com/blog/ – and take a look at a sample of Chapter 17, where she touches on the value and power of desire.

- Bob Garner – http://www.abundancekeys.com