June 19, 2014

Ideas – Any New Idea is a Pain to Get Started

Many years ago and early in my career, I had the pleasure of meeting Merv Griffin – the famous singer, actor, and talk show host, as well as the creator of the TV game shows, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune – when I was doing my act for three straight months at Resorts International in Atlantic City, NJ.

At the time, Griffin was the owner of Resorts, and one evening after my show, he stopped backstage. We began chatting, I mentioned to him that I had an idea about exiting main stream performing and entering the field of being a corporate entertainer. I still distinctly remember him saying, “No matter what you decide, let me tell you, whatever you want to do, any new idea is a pain to get started. And even after you get it going, it can still be that way.”

Fast forward many years and having succeeded at my goal – and other business ventures along the way – I strongly agree with Griffin. From the simplest – like clearing out your garage – to more complex endeavors – being an entrepreneur, leading a team of employees, etc. – getting a project or goal accomplished can sometimes feels like an uphill battle, with the enemy attacking from all sides.

I can’t count the headaches, temper tantrums or sleepless nights over several of my ideas. While some of the conflicts I encountered were of my own doing, many were caused by – amongst other things – people who lacked the same work ethic as myself, clueless contractors and clients, the government (with one hand out and the other on my wallet!), technology that didn’t work as easily as marketed, and, lest we forget, the incredible interruptions of something called “life”.

Many times, I would utter –or scream – “I can’t take this anymore!” “I’m going to quit.” “How do these people keep their jobs?” (As well as other choice phrases.)

In time, through patience, tenacity, and unbelievable perseverance, the issue would get
resolved … only to be replaced by another issue that would also, eventually, get resolved, and I would proceed (albeit sometimes very slowly) and accomplish my goal. Remembering that is what has allowed me to remain somewhat sane. (I emphasize somewhat!)

That’s my message to you – if you are trying to get an idea off the ground or achieve a goal. Despite set-backs, idiots, messed up government rules and interventions, lazy workers/contractors/employees or bosses/clients who have zero idea of how you do your job, it will get better. You can accomplish your goal. Relax. Take it easy. Take some breaths. Just keep at it.

As we ended our conversation, Griffin said, “Remember, kid, if I would have stopped going after my dream every time I ran into a brick wall, I never would have made it. Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goal… including yourself.” Both the first quote from Mr. Griffin at the beginning of this post and the latter are statements that are not only true, but also serve as a reminder for anyone who is banging their head against a brick wall trying to achieve a goal to just not quit.

Keep banging. You’ll get headaches, but eventually the wall will come down… and then you can move on to your next pain (idea).

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