May 12, 2015

Continuous Effort is Key to Unlocking Potential

Churchill was a man who didn’t know the word “QUIT.” Thank heavens for that!

He also knew that while some people are strong and some are very intelligent, it is the one who keeps going that not only succeeds, but also unlocks their hidden potential.

Each one of us has inside us hidden potential. It’s only hidden because we are so busy trying to do other things that really mean very little. We rush here and there; we put out that fire or worry about this problem. Yet, inside of us is the potential to do amazing things.

This potential can be released once you really start going after your goal; your dream. Through continuous effort, that potential comes shining through and guides you to victory!

Discover your dream and push on. Unlock your potential!

Churchill-2This photo is in the public domain.




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