January 9, 2017

Before You Start Your Day, Do You Go Straight or to the Right? Meditation: 3 Ways It Can Help You in Business and Life

Plenty of high power people meditate. Find out who and 3 ways meditation can help you in business and life. bob garner news talk radio host

I work from home and, in my house, when I come down the stairs to begin my day, I have a choice between two directions.

If I go straight, I end up in my office. If I go to the right, I go through the laundry room into my workout room/meditation sanctuary.

Now, if I CHOOSE to go to the right into my meditation sanctuary, I usually end up having a more relaxed, productive and peaceful day. That occurs because I center down and set my intention for the day (which could be just to have a peaceful day or a blessed day or just being grateful for my life, wife, and the wonder of the world). I will spend about 15 to 20 minutes meditating and then do some physical stretches, some yoga and so on. About 10 minutes later, when I head into my office, my vibe is calm.

However, if I choose to go straight and into my office, it’s because I have – what I deem – to be a pressing business issue and, instead of taking care of me, I take care of my business. While I will get done whatever I needed to get done, when I have done so, I usually sense of bit of emptiness. It’s like I need to go and start my day over again.

When I meditate, that 30 minutes of “me” time helps me to center down and from that centered position, I can then flow through my day with less effort.

I’m not alone in using meditation as a way to begin a day.

Russel Simmons, the billionaire music mogul, swears by it and wrote about why he did it in a 2010 Huffington Post article. Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff began to mediate because as Business Insider reported, his job at Oracle was too stressful.  Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn is also a fan of meditation, as are many other business leaders.

Here’s why:

1) You set an intention for the day. Each day is filled with people, questions, problems and stuff. To begin your day with the intention of peace and calmness actually aids you in having those emotions throughout the day. When things get “out of whack,” you can just stop what you’re doing, mentally return to your morning meditation, breathe deeply and then, once you feel more at peace (and therefore in control), you mentally return to face a situation with more confidence and patience.

2) It promotes kindness and empathy. Kindness, empathy, trust and support foster engagement and loyalty in today’s chaotic world. All of these traits are accentuated through the stabilization and centering offered by meditation. When you are centered and stable, you listen more and speak less. When you speak, you speak with care and kindness. (That doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means you don’t need to be a bully or bossy, when you deal with others.) When you speak with kindness and empathy, you create trust. Trust builds support, encourages teamwork, builds bridges and achieves goals.

3) It’s good for you physically. In fact, the August 2015 edition of the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine reported on a recent study that demonstrated “dispositional mindfulness” – which is someone’s awareness and attention to what they are thinking and feeling in the moment – is shown to be “positively associated with cardiovascular health.” That means – yeah – meditation is good for your heart.

At the beginning of each day, despite your schedule, you have a choice as to how you are going to start your day – what your intention for your day is going to be.

For me, while I’m not perfect, I am going to try and make that right turn, as often as I can. AUMMMMMMMMM!

Bob is an inspirational keynote speaker for corporations worldwide, as well as a meditator. 

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