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About Bob Garner

Bob Garner is recognized by Fortune 1000 and Global 100 audiences as one of the few funny keynote motivational speakers who actually have something valuable to say!

And what Bob says is focused on helping people do all the things they are capable of doing, create positive change and live a more purposeful life.

Drawing on decades of research on human potential and compassion, as well as his own fascinating background and life journey as a disc-jockey, comic magician, entrepreneur, spokesperson, real estate investor and philanthropist, Bob creatively wraps mystifying entertainment and relevant stories around his teachings on how to increase connectivity, communication and collaboration, as well as how to ignite the thought process, unleash skill sets, and embrace change and the importance of giving back.

He has spoken in over 18 countries and shared the stage with former presidents of the United States, as well as Fortune 100 and Global 100 executives, celebrities, and sports personalities. As a business person, Bob owns two companies and - as a spokesperson and consultant - has assisted clients in selling literally tens of millions of dollars in products and services and helped entrepreneurs to start, grow, and maintain their business.

In addition to live presentations, Bob has shared his strategies - mixed with a good dose of humor - on entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, personal development and public speaking via books, audio programs, as well as in articles for magazine, newspapers and other media, worldwide. Bob is also the creator and host of "A Mindful Moment," a radio show currently heard on American General Media Broadcasting.

Bob is a passionate believer in giving back and both he and his wife, Marleta, support numerous causes that aid people, all animals and the environment. They live on the Central Coast of California.


A Guy Who Took a Dream and Turned It into Reality

With a fascinating life journey, Bob Garner is the true essence of a rag-to-riches story. Recognized as one of the top corporate speakers, Bob knows how to weave relative and meaningful content into an empowering presentation that is amazing, enchanting, empowering and fun.

Bob has spoken throughout the United States and in 18 countries.

His writings on human potential and compassion have been featured in his own works, numerous magazines and blogs, as well as his own radio show titled "A Mindful Moment" heard on American General Media Broadcasting.

When Bob began his dream, he had no money, college degree or connections. His journey was overwhelming, costing him a marriage and everything he owned. In debt and virtually homeless, Bob recreated himself with the principles that he shares today via his speeches and writings.

All He Had Was a Dream

As a young boy, Bob loved the art of magic. And his dream was to take his love for entertaining and amazing people, as well as making them laugh, and create a life that would take him around the world.

But how does a guy from a small steel town in northern Ohio with no money, no college degree, and no connections make that dream come true?

Bob worked at it, starting with a job in radio. Because of his quick wit and comedic timing, Bob worked his way up from weekend disc jockey to the coveted morning drive time slot, becoming one of the youngest morning drive disc jockeys on radio. From there, Bob started to concentrate on the business side of radio and worked his way through various positions, including writing and producing commercials, to public relations director and, eventually, station manager.

Hit the Stage

With an itch to travel, Bob left radio and hit the road as a comic magician and mind reader. Working comedy clubs, bars and basically anywhere that would have him, Bob was trying to live his dream...kind of.

"It was tough," says Bob. But he kept at it. Ultimately over many years, Bob would headline at comedy clubs, work hundreds of colleges and universities, as well as resort casinos, cruise ships, and more.

However, while his entertainment skills were being honed, the rest of his life was falling apart.

While he was on stage making people laugh and forget their problems, he was fighting with his own mental demons of anger, worry, fear and stress. "I was doing my best... trying to get bookings, make the shows, develop new material," notes Garner, "But that along with the travel, money worries and more... it was all out of control."

Broken Dream - Broken Man - Broken Life

Few knew the pain that Garner was in and, eventually, the pain became too much. Garner ended up losing his marriage, his bookings, and all of his money. Now, completely in debt, virtually homeless and near suicidal, Bob was a broken man - broken financially, broken mentally and broken spiritually.

While wishing to point the finger of blame at others for his failure, Bob realized that whenever you point a finger at someone, there are always three fingers pointing back at you.

Understanding that he was the main cause of his failure, Bob decided to correct the situation and, once again, try to turn his dream into reality.

You Can Put Humpty Together Again!

Plunging himself back into his business, Bob read countless biographies and studied everything he could on personal and professional development, sales, marketing, advertising, as well as psychology, religion, and spirituality.

Through his research, Bob began to understand the importance of igniting his thought process and unleashing his unique skill set - all of which allowed him to more effectively control his emotions and combat the mental obstacles of fear, worry, anger and negativity.

From this more powerful and positive mind set, Bob began to rebuild what he had lost. Once again, he began to perform all over the country. Bob got married to the love of his life, and they both worked hard to make the business grow. As the business grew, Bob and his wife began to book other performers and make sales and training videos for corporations. The latter allowed Bob to break into the corporate market, where his dream went into overdrive.

The Dream Becomes Clear

From corporate videos, Bob utilized his radio broadcasting skills and began to emcee at corporate events, which led to being a spokesperson at trade shows, which led to consulting in marketing and advertising, which led to consulting in sales and sales presentations, which led to speaking at conferences as not only an entertainer, but also an educator - a teacher who had valuable information to share on how to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

In addition to his speaking and consulting business, Bob began writing books, as well as articles for various magazines and also creating audio CDs, DVDs. Then, relying on the business and investment research he pursued when he was at the bottom, Bob put that knowledge to work as an investor. Not only did Bob wisely begin to invest in rental real estate on the Central Coast of California, but he also made investments in other people's dreams and businesses. This two- pronged approach to investing, as well as his corporate speaking and consulting business, allowed Bob to reach financial security, before the age of 40.

In addition to his real estate and investment concerns and his speaking and consulting business, Bob continues to write books, as well as posts for his and other's blogs, and articles for magazines. Additionally, he's the creator and host of the weekly radio show called, "A Mindful Moment," heard on American General Media Broadcasting News Talk Radio.

Goal Achieved - Now Helping Others Turn Their Dreams into Reality

  1. He's a Superb Communicator - With his background in radio, commercial writing, and as a corporate spokesperson, Bob understands how to mix the right amount of information with the right amount of entertainment. After decades as a comedian and magician, Bob knows how to entertain and hold an audience. When he speaks, people listen. He can capture the imagination of an audience, tickle their funny bone, and touch their hearts - all in one presentation.
  2. He's a Teacher - Bob's presentations and writing go beyond the typical motivational speaker. For Bob, it's about helping people realize that they possess amazing abilities and untapped resources, all of which makes up their inner wizard. And by awakening that wizard, they can make positive changes in their professional and personal life that will allow them to live more purposefully, as well as reach out to help others, all sentient beings... and the world itself.
  3. He's a Compassionate Person - Bob knows what it's like to be at the end of your rope. He knows what it's like to not have any hope in sight. Additionally, Bob and his wife care deeply for all animals, as well as the environment. That's why they contribute as much as possible - both quarterly and yearly - to help people, all animals (from rescued pets to farm sanctuaries) and environmental causes. (Both Bob and his wife are plant- based eaters.)

Through an incredible amount of hard work and perseverance, Bob Garner is the essence of the term "self-made man." He's living proof that you can turn your dreams into reality.

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