He's a funny keynote speaker, an entertaining motivational speaker and an inspirational storyteller - but Bob Garner is actually more than that!

Bob is a fantastic communicator who adds value to your meeting or event, through customized presentations that connect with people in a meaningful and personal, yet fun way.

His rare ability to uniquely combine empowering information - gathered from decades of research on human potential and compassion - with lessons from his own fascinating life story as a business person and entertainer, all wrapped in an eye-popping, audience interactive presentation is the reason why clients worldwide confirm that once you see Bob Garner, you'll never forget him. Neither will your group.

That's the WOW Factor. Give it to your group at your next event. Get Bob Garner.

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Latest Blog Posts from Bob Garner

Happy Holidays!

December 1, 2018
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Just a simple wish for you and yours! Be kind. Be safe, Be happy. See ya next year!

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You May Choose To Look the Other Way But Never Say Again You Didn’t Know

November 1, 2018

William Wilberforce said this about slavery which led to it being abolished in the British Empire. It can still be said about bullying, abuse, the destruction of the environment and the slaughtering of farm animals for meat and, also dairy. Stop looking the other way. Stop relying on others for info – get it yourself, but be careful. Read why.

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Completed Nutritional Studies – Plant Based Nutrition and Rockin It!

October 1, 2018
Completed Nutritional Studies - Plant Based Nutrition and Rockin It!

Rarely do I post something about myself, but I will this time. Completed my nutritional studies from eCornell, which is the online division of Cornell University. Obviously, you learn about nutrition and the body, but you also learn why plant based nutrition is more effective, efficient and healthier than the SAD – Standard American Diet.

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