April 4, 2018


What a Psychic Taught Me About Success

Back in 1978, I was in college majoring in radio and TV broadcasting. Part of one assignment was to interview interesting people. After a bit of searching, I found someone whom I thought would be a good candidate – a professional psychic by the name of Hubbard.

When the crew and I arrived, we were met by a gentle, yet impressive man. Mr. Hubbard looked like the typical business person and his office was tastefully decorated. He answered all my questions about his life and the psychic business, and then I asked him one final question, “Do you have any tips on achieving success?”

Hubbard answered by saying he had a few guidelines, which he broke down into the following categories:

Spills: Don’t waste any opportunities or ideas – don’t let them “spill” out of your mind and vanish. Write down your ideas, even if you have no plans to fulfill them right now. Should the opportunity arise to implement your idea – do so.

Thrills: Be careful where you get them. Be selective as to where you go and what you choose to do to bring excitement to your life.

Frills: Go for quality. Quality always outshines quantity.

Skills: Sharpen them. Discover what skills or talents you may need to achieve your goals and sharpen those skills, so that you can do the best job that you possibly can.

Be on top of circumstances. Don’t wait for circumstances to arise; create circumstances. Know what you want to do and then go for it

When the crew and I left our interview, we were all struck as to how much we were not only impressed by this gentle and sharing man, but also how much better we all felt for having met him.

He may have called himself a professional psychic, but, on that day, he was also a spiritual guide. I know this, because I kept what he said in the back of my mind and became a successful entrepreneur. How did I remember his “tips for success” after 40 years? It was easy. I wrote them on the back of his business card and that business card has had a prominent place on my office desk… since 1978.

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