September 5, 2019

Worst Enemy – Who Could It Be? How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

dharma mittra post Sept 2018

We all have people who may not like us and even go out of their way to cause us pain or harm. Yet, few people can be more of an enemy than we are to ourselves.

Are you your own worst enemy? One of the reasons that could be is that you are not controlling your thoughts and your emotions, and therefore, your actions. The more you are in control of yourself, the happier you will be.

You can control your body through yoga. Yoga gets you ready to control your mind via meditation. (If you are just doing yoga for the exercises and not meditating, then you are not doing yoga. You’re just exercising.

Yoga and meditation will calm you down. Then become a vegan. That will aid you in compassion. (If you are doing yoga and you’re not a vegan or at least a vegetarian, then you do not understand the basic precepts of yoga – No yama, no yoga!)

This all takes time – not the vegan part – the yoga and meditation. As you progress, you will be more in control of your body, your thoughts, your emotions and your actions. You will slowly cease from doing and saying things that create chaos in your life, the life of others, all sentient creatures and the planet. You can become your best friend and not your worst enemy.

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