November 24, 2015

I No Longer Feel Guilty For Being Me »

You are unique with amazing talents. Yet, there are some who will put you down or pull you down because of your looks, your attitude, your beliefs or actions. This creates a sense of guilt – a feeling that something is wrong with you. You begin to second guess yourself and wonder if you should change to fit someone else’s…
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October 6, 2015

Your Thoughts Shape the Circumstances That Direct Your Destiny »

Your thoughts shape the circumstances that direct your destiny – I make this statement during my funny keynote motivational speaker who actually has something to say presentations. While there are things that happen to you that are outside of our control, many times we create our circumstances through how and what we think. Your thoughts can lead to emotion or…
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September 29, 2015

Video: The Magic of Teamwork – Diminish the Differences »

In this short video, I take a light-hearted and magical look at teamwork. Great teamwork can work like magic when you diminish the differences in the group, amplify attitudes, and focus on the goal. You have your ideas, opinions and ways of doing things and so does everyone on the team. You have “differences.” You have to get past those…
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September 14, 2015

Dealing with Change – Stop Looking Like Old Cheese, Old Beer and Old Whiskey »

Raymond Charles Barker, a minister and writer, once equated people who don’t look for new ideas and challenges to cheese, beer, and whiskey. With cheese, beer, and whiskey, he stated, “You leave it alone. You don’t touch it for years. I know people who haven’t touched or changed anything in their lives for years, and they look like old cheese,…
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August 25, 2015

Free Motivational Story – Improving Communication with Aesop and a Donkey »

Aesop tells a story about two men and how their inability to communicate cost them both. In this free motivational story, I share that tale and what poor communication can mean to you. If you prefer to read this story, I wrote it here – However, it’s just as easy to listen to the video below. As always, after…
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August 11, 2015

Goals – Doing Whatever It Takes VS Doing What Is Right »

Tired of Lying, Cheating Celebrities, Business People, Athletes, Politicians #Goals – is it really about doing what ever it takes? So many people – from business to government to sports to academics lie, cheat and steal their way to what is perceived to be success. But, we all know it and, while some may rationalize it based on their perceptions…
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August 4, 2015

Managing Creative Employees: 5 Steps on How to Manage Creative Employees »

Your employees are incredibly valuable! Obviously, if you’re a leader or manager you know that. But do you always act that way? Do you encourage creativity and insight from these employees or are you always king or queen of the mountain? What are managing creative employees? Since your employees are experts – after all, your company only hires experts, right?…
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