November 1, 2018

You May Choose To Look the Other Way But Never Say Again You Didn’t Know


William Wilberforce said this about slavery. After battling most all of his political career against this institution, the slave trade was abolished in most of the British Empire. Wilberforce had to actually get people – and most importantly, the politicians and their wives – to physically witness the horrors of what was happening on the slave ships that were being allowed in British ports, before they could make the connection. You see, they didn’t want to see the horror. They just believed what they were told (in sanitized versions), because they wanted to … it was more convenient.

The same could be said for many people today who are mistreated – bullying, abuse. (You can go on and on.) The same could be said for how much we are destroying the environment. The same could be said for the raising, torturing and slaughtering of any animal because people “think” or “choose to think” that they need animal meat or dairy to survive. (There’s a reason you take your kids to pick apples, but not to a slaughterhouse.)

With the internet, you can do the research yourself. You have to investigate – that means REALLY LOOK – to discover who is behind the information you are viewing. As someone who has spent over 30 years in marketing, advertising and misdirection, let me tell you, misdirection and manipulation is used more than you will ever know from advertisers and main stream media/news to religion and politics.

Yes, it’s easier to turn away and NOT LOOK. Yes, it’s more convenient to not know.

But is it really?

So, let me inform you. People are being abused and mistreated in unimaginable ways. The environment is being destroyed acre by acre. And THIS YEAR ALONE, over 50 billion animals will die – that don’t want to, that have the same will to live as you do – so that people can have a dinner or a snack.

Now, you know. Now, you decide. You can choose to look the other way, but you can never say again you did not know. Do the research. You can disagree, if you want. But dig and DIG DEEP. And while you’re digging, look around to see who is helping you dig. Is it a friend or someone with an agenda?

Choose not to do any digging? Want to pretend you don’t know? Hence, the mess we’re in.

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