September 4, 2018

You Know You Are Doing Well When So Many People Hope You Fail

Notes to Myself(1)

The closer you get to your goal; the more successful you become, the more people will hope you fail.

From personal experience, I can tell you that as I moved closer to achieving my business goals, those whom I thought were friends not only hoped I would fail, but also worked for that demise to occur. They failed.

As someone who has always fought with weight loss and getting healthy, as I moved closer to getting in the best shape of my life, many came forward to deceptively sabotage that effort. They failed.

The people who pretended to be “for” me and then turned against me rarely came as a shock, because many of these people thought they were smarter than I. Perhaps intellectually they are. But intuitively and via my training (my business is a unique combination of marketing, advertising and misdirection), I know when to call BULLSHIT. I call it a lot and am rarely wrong.

Don’t let someone else try to steal your shine. As you move closer to your goal, there WILL be some who root for you, and you KNOW they mean it; however, find comfort in knowing that there will be those who will not be on your side. There will be those who work for your failure and take glee should that occur.

If you can accept that, then just smile at those who feel they have to unscrew your light bulb in order for them to shine. Take comfort in knowing that by their words and actions, you are moving forward.

Just keep going. Keep working and achieve your dream.

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