April 10, 2017

Why Do Winners Keep Going? Cause That’s What Winners Do

Winners Don't Allow Others or Themselves to Stop Them - Cause That's What Winners Do

This IS what happens while you try to achieve your dreams. I mean, I have dealt with others laughing at me and, in some cases, plotting against me so that I would fail. You just deal with that.

The real hard part for me is when I doubt myself. Like my desire to FINALLY get in shape. It’s hard and frustrating. Just yesterday, I was so fed up with training and watching food intake and not seeing the scale move… I was ready to quit.

I had a pity party and the only person who would attend was me.

However, the difference is that I got over that pity party, picked myself up and headed to the gym. When I was done with my workout, I felt better. I also knew I did the right thing.

Why? Cause I have achieved many goals and each one had set-backs and obstacles which I overcame. This goal is no different.

Whatever dream you want to achieve there will be people who laugh at you and people who want to see you fail. There will be times when nothing appears to be happening or the challenges appear to be too much.

Every winner has faced these same challenges. The difference is that winners keep going. Keep going, keep at it.

One day, you WILL look back on your journey and your realized goal and smile. Then, you will begin another goal. Cause that’s what winners do.

Did you ever have other people laugh at you while you were working towards a goal? How about people who wanted to see you fail? Did you ever want to quit but kept going?

Please share your story with us here. I have a lot of subscribers who may be facing the same issue and I’m sure they would like to hear how you overcame your challenges.

Please post your story below.

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