October 10, 2016

Plot Twist! Tough Times Just Chapter of Your Life Not Whole Story

Inspiring News Talk Radio - Looking at tough times as a plot twist and not your whole story. Bob Garner shares why you need to turn the page and move on.

I love biographies. I have read, literally, hundreds of them. And what’s always fascinating to me is that as you read a person’s life story, you find chapters that not only cover the good things that occurred, but also chapters about the tough times – the challenges met and the frustrations that accompanied them.

Sometimes those challenges appear to be overwhelming. You think to yourself, “How will they deal with this?” And as you keep reading, you discover that somehow, they do get through their tough time. Then you turn the page and read the NEXT chapter of their life.

There’s the key! Despite what they faced, somehow they dealt with it, turned the page and began the next chapter.

Many times, we are faced with a challenge that appears, at first, to be overwhelming. And, those tough times deliver emotions that can range from minor annoyance and exasperation to anger, frustration and tears. Should your emotions be more like the latter, it can appear as if your world is being torn apart.

While those feelings are real and your current situation may be frustrating, painful, or almost unbearable, what you have to remember is that whatever is occurring is just a chapter in your life – it’s not your whole story.

It’s a situation that you’re dealing with at the present moment, but, eventually, things will work out. (It probably won’t feel like it at the time and you also probably would not want to hear that at that time – but it’s true.) Granted, it may not work out like you wanted or wished it to, but the situation will, at some point in time, cease to be a situation and become a memory; albeit, perhaps a painful or unpleasant one.

When things like that happen to me… when I’m met with a situation that makes me want to scream, once I calm down I will say to myself, “Plot twist!” Because that’s what it is.

It’s a twist in the overall plot of your life story. As mentioned, it’s not your entire story, because that can’t be written until your dead. It’s just a plot twist. Like the people in the biographies, you have to figure a way out or through that situation, in order for you to turn the page and move on to the next chapter of your life.

What’s interesting to note is that if you read biographies (and I highly recommend that you do), you can see that, most of the time, the people about whom you’re reading made certain choices, which led to certain actions, which helped to create the negative situation they were in. In other words, they were the cause of the plot twist.

However, with that said, there are times – through no action or intent of our own – a plot twist is forced upon us. In either case, a remedy to the plot twist must be found. Sometimes that solution comes about through our own actions, the actions of others or (occasionally) by doing nothing and letting time sort it out. But that chapter of your life WILL come to an end.

So, should you be faced with a disagreeable, unbearable or agonizing circumstance, once you calm down, perhaps you will be able to take a small breath and say, “Plot twist!” It will help you to remember that no matter how bad your current challenge may appear – that tough time is just a chapter in your life. In time, you WILL be able to turn the page, begin a new chapter and move on with your story.

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