February 20, 2017

How To Get What You Want in Life: The Wind and the Sun

The Wind and the Sun story shed light on how you don't need to push, bully or threaten to get what you want in life. From funny keynote speaker Bob Garner.

On a beautiful spring day, the Wind and the Sun were having an argument.

“I am stronger than you!” yelled the Wind.

“No, you’re not,” replied the Sun, “I am much more powerful than you.”

Noticing a man wearing a blanket walking down the street below them, the Wind replied, “Well, let’s put it to the test. Which ever one of us can get that coat off that man first is the strongest.”

“Ok,” answered the Sun, “You go first.”

The Wind then inhaled deeply and blew out a huge gust of wind that he was sure would send the blanket flying off the man. Yet, when the man felt the wind blow, he just pulled the blanket closer to him.

Unhappy with the result, the Wind tried again with another big gust of air. But the man just huddled down and wrapped the blanket closer to his body.

The Sun then uttered, “Too bad Wind. Now, it’s my turn.”

The Sun merely looked at the man and smiled. The warmth of his smile soon made the man unwrap the blanket from around his body and then, a moment or two later, the man took off the coat completely.

The Wind acknowledged his defeat and declared the Sun to be the winner.

Lesson: Instead of trying to force your agenda or ideas, perhaps a more gentle approach would be valuable.

Bullying, threatening, pushing, shoving… none of these actions can aid you in the long run. They may help you win a temporary victory, but, ultimately, people don’t like to be forced into anything.

Instead, should you like to achieve a specific outcome, try and help someone else achieve their goal. Reach out and offer assistance or maybe just a sympathetic ear.

BTW – that’s not about being fake, it’s about being kind and thinking about others first. Then, others, will be happy to help you.

As Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help others get what they want”

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