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October 20, 2016

Tension Reveals Who You Think You Should Be. Relaxation Reveals Who You Really Are »

Tension Reveals Who You Think You Should Be. Relaxation Reveals Who You Really Are. Inspiring news talk radio from funny motivational speaker Bob Garner

Struggling, fighting, positioning, striving to be… all create tension. But why? What good will all of that struggle do? Maybe make you a lot of money. That’s great and you can enjoy it from your hospital bed after your heart attack from stress – if you survive, that is. Tension and stress is about trying to force something. Trying to force your plan, your idea your whatever. It’s who you think you should be; what you think you should possess.  Relaxation, when you are at peace, that reveals the real you. And the real you does not require being the…
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October 13, 2016

All Fear is Based on Loss »

fear is based on loss story bob garner inspiring news talk radio host

Take a look at some of the major emotions we all have from time-to-time: anger, worry, and stress . They are the “big” emotions that can cause us BIG problems. A neat thing to observe is that they can all be based on the fear – or perceived fear – of losing something. You get angry when someone cuts you off while driving. Why? Potential loss of your life or injury. Maybe, what you feel is disrespect to you or basic safety – loss of respect. You get stressed or angry about being late or someone else being late or…
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