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What makes Bob Garner unique and unforgettable is his ability to captivate an audience and deliver viable information in an entertaining way, where people actually remember and use what was said.

About Bob Garner

Bob Garner is recognized by Fortune 1000 and Global 100 audiences as one of the few funny keynote motivational speakers who actually have something valuable to say!

Drawing on his extraordinary rags-to-riches background; a proven track record as a successful entrepreneur and over 30 years of research in the areas of personal and professional development, Bob combines this unique platform along with his skills and talents as an entertainer to deliver customized presentations that are not only educational and empowering, but also highly entertaining.

He has spoken in over 15 countries and shared the stage with former presidents of the United States, as well as Fortune 100 and Global 100 executives. He has assisted clients in selling literally tens of millions of dollars in products and services and helped entrepreneurs to start, grow, and maintain their business.

In addition to live presentations, Bob has shared his strategies - mixed with a good dose of humor - on entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, personal development and public speaking via books, audio programs, as well as in articles for magazine, newspapers and other media, worldwide.

A passionate believer in giving back and an advocate with regard to compassion for all sentient beings and the environment, Bob and his wife, Marleta, support numerous causes that aid people, all animals and the planet. They are both plant-based eaters. They live on the Central Coast of California.