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What makes Bob Garner unique is that he is a funny motivational speaker who actually has something of value to say!

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10 Things Occur When You Think Like Entrepreneurs

  • Morale increases
  • Communication amplified
  • Teamwork heightened
  • Change embraced, not feared
  • Creativity enhanced
  • Problems get solved
  • Challenges diminished
  • Acceptance of more responsibility
  • Productivity swells
  • The Bottom Line goes up!

Bob Garner's customized presentations deliver the "Wow Factor" to your group, because of his rare ability to provide usable information cleverly reinforced with entertainment (clean humor, relevant stories, amazing mind reading, and fun audience participation).

Drawing on his own unique rags to riches story as someone who overcame tremendous obstacles to ultimately turn his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur into reality, Bob's programs focus on helping each person, as well as your company, to be more successful by learning how to think like entrepreneurs.

From enhancing skill sets to achieve goals and embrace change to working with others to improve communication and diminish problems, Bob's strategies will reveal to your group that - by changing how they think - they are capable of doing astonishing things.

For employees, executives and customers - from kick-offs and wrap-ups to keynotes - Bob Garner is a funny motivational speaker whose clients confirm his exceptional skill to energize, empower, and entertain their audiences... he can do the same for you!


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Tension Reveals Who You Think You Should Be. Relaxation Reveals Who You Really Are

October 20, 2016
Tension Reveals Who You Think You Should Be. Relaxation Reveals Who You Really Are. Inspiring news talk radio from funny motivational speaker Bob Garner

Struggling, fighting, positioning, striving to be… all create tension. But why? What good will all of that struggle do? Maybe make you a lot of money. That’s great and you can enjoy it from your hospital bed after your heart attack from stress – if you survive, that is. Tension and stress is about trying to force something. Trying to…
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The Power of Focus – Walking the Wire

October 17, 2016
news talk radio focus on what we want to happen and not on what we don’t want to happen.

There he was … twenty stories in the air. Nothing separated him from the ground, but a small wire – tightly stretched between two buildings. The man on that wire was Karl Wallenda – the leader of the Great Wallendas – a famous tightrope-walking act. For years, Wallenda had performed this stunt. Through focused concentration combined with steel nerves, he…
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All Fear is Based on Loss

October 13, 2016
fear is based on loss story bob garner inspiring news talk radio host

All fear is based on loss. From someone cutting you off while you’re driving – loss of respect – to loss of time, money, friends, family, jobs, your life and beyond. Fear is always about losing something. What are you afraid to lose? Why are you afraid to lose it” Chances are you didn’t care about “it” a few weeks…
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Plot Twist! Tough Times Just Chapter of Your Life Not Whole Story

October 10, 2016
Inspiring News Talk Radio - Looking at tough times as a plot twist and not your whole story. Bob Garner shares why you need to turn the page and move on.

I love biographies. I have read, literally, hundreds of them. And what’s always fascinating to me is that as you read a person’s life story, you find chapters that not only cover the good things that occurred, but also chapters about the tough times – the challenges met and the frustrations that accompanied them. Sometimes those challenges appear to be…
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Making a Choice – How to Not Get Kicked By a Horse

October 3, 2016
Making a Choice: you can't always choose the situations/people in your life, but you can always choose how you respond. News Talk radio Bob Garner storyteller on old master and the horse.

The road you travel is always a choice. At one end of a small town, there was a horse that when anyone tried to pass it – to leave or enter town – the horse would chase them and kick them. Well, one day, all of the townspeople gathered to try and figure out how to get past the horse….
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