Do You Want to Give Your Group the "WOW" Factor?

Is Your Group Dealing with Some of These Issues?

  • Low productivity and morale
  • Increased changes to their job, our company, and industry
  • Lack of teamwork and communication
  • Being asked to do more with less
  • Tough competition
  • Constantly changing and stricter regulations
  • Uncertainty of what's next and how to fit in with mergers & acquisitions
  • Feelings of negativity, stress, fear, worry, anger, apathy, and despair

Click here to see how Bob can help your group manage these challenges with an informative, inspiring, and fun presentation.

Funny motivational speaker Bob Garner delivers a highly entertaining, yet content rich program that provides usable strategies to help your group maximize their skills and overcome challenges.

Amazing, Interactive and Fun Entertainment

As a funny motivational speaker and entertaining motivational speaker, Bob goes beyond what one might expect from typical motivational speakers who customarily use graphs or power points to emphasize a message. In place of those items, Bob reinforces specific points of his presentation with sophisticated and amazing demonstrations of mentalism and ESP, as well as plenty of clean humor and audience interaction.

Usable, Relevant, and Empowering Content

However, for his entertaining motivational keynote presentations, Bob is more than just entertainment - he also provides rich content. In addition to being a successful author and syndicated writer, Bob's vast experience as a successful entrepreneur for nearly 30 years and the owner of two diverse companies; an impressive track record of assisting companies to increase productivity and generate millions in sales as a corporate trainer and speaker, as well as years of research on personal performance, psychology, and productivity, allows Bob to deliver usable strategies to help your group meet and beat the challenges they face both personally and professionally. In short, Bob understand what your group is facing and works with you to provide relevant information that can help them deal with those issues, in an empowering, yet entertaining way.

Customized Clean Corporate Entertainment Combined with Content

As a business person who is also a corporate entertainer, Bob knows how to blend clean corporate event entertainment with your messaging and the pertinent information that you want your group to hear. In all cases, Bob works with you to create the presentation that fits your needs and objectives - you decide how much content to messaging you prefer. For after dinner entertainment or users or customer appreciation event entertainment or employee appreciation event entertainment, you may prefer light messaging. For an entertaining and funny keynote motivational speaker presentation, you may prefer something more specific.

Awards Banquets to After Dinner Entertainment

At an awards banquet, using a funny emcee or a professional corporate master of ceremonies to keep your event energized and exciting is always a great idea! Additionally, after a long day of meetings, providing some corporate entertainment that you know your audience will enjoy goes along way. More than a corporate magician, Bob's sophisticated, yet fun demonstrations of mentalism and the "powers of the mind," as well as clean comedy and audience involvement brings energy and laughs to your event. That's why Bob is perfect in a variety of ways whenever you want to "WOW" your group.

The Result: The "WOW" Factor

Standing ovations and testimonials confirm that Bob delivers the "WOW" factor. Whether you're looking for a funny motivational speaker or entertaining keynote speaker; a funny emcee or a corporate entertainer to energize your customer or client event, Bob is the perfect choice. Watch his video testimonials and find out how Bob has been able to "WOW" his diverse clients and then give him a call to find out how he can do the same for you!

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