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What makes Bob Garner unique is that he is a funny motivational speaker who actually has something of value to say!

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10 Things Occur When You Think Like Entrepreneurs

  • Morale increases
  • Communication amplified
  • Teamwork heightened
  • Change embraced, not feared
  • Creativity enhanced
  • Problems get solved
  • Challenges diminished
  • Acceptance of more responsibility
  • Productivity swells
  • The Bottom Line goes up!

Bob Garner's customized presentations deliver the "Wow Factor" to your group, because of his rare ability to provide usable information cleverly reinforced with entertainment (clean humor, relevant stories, amazing mind reading, and fun audience participation).

Drawing on his own unique rags to riches story as someone who overcame tremendous obstacles to ultimately turn his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur into reality, Bob's programs focus on helping each person, as well as your company, to be more successful by learning how to think like entrepreneurs.

From enhancing skill sets to achieve goals and embrace change to working with others to improve communication and diminish problems, Bob's strategies will reveal to your group that - by changing how they think - they are capable of doing astonishing things.

For employees, executives and customers - from kick-offs and wrap-ups to keynotes - Bob Garner is a funny motivational speaker whose clients confirm his exceptional skill to energize, empower, and entertain their audiences... he can do the same for you!


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Did You Read My Email? Tips To Increase Your Email Read and Response Rate

March 24, 2015

Do you ever wonder if an email recipient actually reads your whole email? We’re not talking a sales email, just a business correspondence that requires an action or some type of response. It appears that the attention span of many of those in corporate rivals that of a child opening gifts on their birthday – open a gift, look at it, open another, repeat, go do something else. This is not only frustrating for the sender, but it also strikes at the heart of two important topics in corporate – communication and teamwork. If the email is about a customer…
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You Have a Dream!

March 20, 2015

You Have A Dream! You have a dream. Develop a plan. Act on that plan. Don’t be afraid. Take baby steps. Keep going. You’re doing fine! Take a look at this photo. It’s a great reminder of how you can turn your dream into reality. You can! It takes a willingness to not only think about what you want to do, but also allowing that dream to grow. To do that you have to have a plan. Not a super detailed plan – just an outline will work for now. Obviously, if you can create a detailed plan – that…
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5 Minutes with a Leader – Lance Seach – Expert Negotiator, Deal Maker, SVP at TruCode

March 3, 2015

What do you get when you combine an amazing personality with a mind that’s creative and focused on building relationships and negotiating deals – where all parties walk away winners? The answer is Lance Seach. Lance is Senior Vice President at TruCode, a Georgia-based company that is a leading innovator in the medical coding software market. Lance’s job is to penetrate targeted partnerships, build relationships, and develop “WIN/WIN” strategies that drive revenue growth, increase market share, and enhance profit margins. In short, this guy makes it happen. Lance is an recognized as one of the leading experts on negotiation primarily…
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3 Tips To Help Sales Reps Increase Trade Show ROI

February 24, 2015

Selling at a trade show requires more than just showing up. Sales reps need to be proactive, which increases ROI and justifies the marketing expense. But what usually happens? The trade show and marketing personnel have put together a great exhibit. The booth looks fantastic and delivers the company message. You have the pre-show meeting where you tell all the reps what is expected and then when the doors open… the reps stand around and talk to one another, play with their phones or laptops, and wait for someone to amble into the booth. (Sound familiar?) Worse, they only want…
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