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What makes Bob Garner unique is that he is a funny motivational speaker who actually has something of value to say!

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10 Things Occur When You Think Like Entrepreneurs

  • Morale increases
  • Communication amplified
  • Teamwork heightened
  • Change embraced, not feared
  • Creativity enhanced
  • Problems get solved
  • Challenges diminished
  • Acceptance of more responsibility
  • Productivity swells
  • The Bottom Line goes up!

Bob Garner's customized presentations deliver the "Wow Factor" to your group, because of his rare ability to provide usable information cleverly reinforced with entertainment (clean humor, relevant stories, amazing mind reading, and fun audience participation).

Drawing on his own unique rags to riches story as someone who overcame tremendous obstacles to ultimately turn his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur into reality, Bob's programs focus on helping each person, as well as your company, to be more successful by learning how to think like entrepreneurs.

From enhancing skill sets to achieve goals and embrace change to working with others to improve communication and diminish problems, Bob's strategies will reveal to your group that - by changing how they think - they are capable of doing astonishing things.

For employees, executives and customers - from kick-offs and wrap-ups to keynotes - Bob Garner is a funny motivational speaker whose clients confirm his exceptional skill to energize, empower, and entertain their audiences... he can do the same for you!


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How to Deal with Problems: The Lesson from the Oyster

September 19, 2016
inspiring talk radio kvec - Deal with Problems. Oyster reveals how you can work with a problem and transform it into a pearl. Watch inspiring video from #talkradio host Bob Garner

Lillian had a beautiful pearl necklace and decided to wear it to a fancy function that she was attending. That night, she met a man who, upon admiring her necklace, commented, “You know, that necklace was made from a bunch of problems.” Aghast, Lillian replied, “Problems? What do you mean… problems?” Smiling, the man said, “I’m a marine biologist, and…
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Little Boy and Starfish Prove Smallest Act of Charity Counts

September 12, 2016
While mission of charity is huge, smallest act of kindness counts as story of little boy and starfish proves. Charities & non-profits need help. Inspiring talk radio.

Watch this story LIVE on Bob’s program on #talkradio 920 AM KVEC A man was walking on a beach and saw a young boy throwing objects into the ocean. He approached the child and noticed that the young lad was picking up a starfish and gently tossing it back into the ocean. The man said, “Young man, what are you…
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Don’t Grieve. Anything You Lose Comes Round in Another Form

September 8, 2016
Dealing with Loss - What you lose comes round around in another form. Don't grieve. Ever had a loss return in another form? Share comment on talkradio blog storyteller speaker keynote bob garner

Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet and theologian once said, “Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” When we lose something or someone from our life, grieving is part of a natural process. And while no one can really say when another should diminish or halt their grieving, there comes a time when the griever should realize that…
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Don’t Say Everything You Think: 4 Questions to Ask Before Speaking or Posting

September 4, 2016
Don't Say Everything That You Think - the 4 questions you should ask yourself before you speak or post on social media. Inspiring #talkradio with Bob Garner

Watch us on KVEC 920 AM Inspiring Talk Radio as we chat LIVE! In the movie “Mr. Holmes,” there is a scene with the now aged Holmes, his housekeeper Mrs. Munro, and her young son, Roger, where all are swept up in a conversation that becomes heated. At one point, Roger makes a couple of nasty comments about his mother,…
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Boring Job? Making More Than Parachutes

August 28, 2016
Think your job is boring or doesn't mean anything? On this weeks inspiring talk radio, Bob shares a story on why no job is just a job. Free motivational audio.

Do you think your job is boring? Tired of the every day grind? This week, Bob shares a story on why no job is “just a job.” Your job is important – no matter what you do. Find out why. Listen now. Things to think about when you think about your job: Every job serves a purpose. Every job serves…
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