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What makes Bob Garner unique is that he is a funny motivational speaker who actually has something of value to say!

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10 Things Occur When You Think Like Entrepreneurs

  • Morale increases
  • Communication amplified
  • Teamwork heightened
  • Change embraced, not feared
  • Creativity enhanced
  • Problems get solved
  • Challenges diminished
  • Acceptance of more responsibility
  • Productivity swells
  • The Bottom Line goes up!

Bob Garner's customized presentations deliver the "Wow Factor" to your group, because of his rare ability to provide usable information cleverly reinforced with entertainment (clean humor, relevant stories, amazing mind reading, and fun audience participation).

Drawing on his own unique rags to riches story as someone who overcame tremendous obstacles to ultimately turn his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur into reality, Bob's programs focus on helping each person, as well as your company, to be more successful by learning how to think like entrepreneurs.

From enhancing skill sets to achieve goals and embrace change to working with others to improve communication and diminish problems, Bob's strategies will reveal to your group that - by changing how they think - they are capable of doing astonishing things.

For employees, executives and customers - from kick-offs and wrap-ups to keynotes - Bob Garner is a funny motivational speaker whose clients confirm his exceptional skill to energize, empower, and entertain their audiences... he can do the same for you!


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Respect – “I Want to Speak to the Head Hog at the Trough”

August 21, 2016
Dealing with Respect - Head Hog at Trough Inspiring Talk Radio with Bob Garner who shares story on respect free motivational audio clip - storyteller motivational speaker bob garner.

This week, Bob shares a funny story about a wealthy man who walks into a church and is treated differently even though he shows a lack of respect. While in the story the wealthy man IS treated differently, is that necessarily the right thing to do? We all probably know people who, because they may have a lot of money…
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A Penny at the Bottom of the Pool – Inspiring Talk Radio

August 16, 2016
inspiring talk radio story about why you should stop thrashing for solution to problems.

A young family – a mom, a dad and their little girl – were visiting some relatives in a small town in Iowa. They were staying at one of those lesser known, but quaint, little motels you find in towns outside of bigger cities. The best thing about this motel was that it had a swimming pool, and the young…
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Finding a Hero In Your Mirror

August 7, 2016
KVEC Inspiring Talk Radio Bob Garner Stories Finding a Hero in your Mirror Storyteller Motivational Speaker

Many years ago, a man was asked to portray Santa Claus at an elementary school. On that day, dressed in the familiar outfit of the famous giver of gifts, Santa had each child climb on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Santa heard the usual requests for this toy and that… until one little boy climbed…
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The Power of Forgiveness: Unlock Your Prison Door

August 1, 2016
Forgiveness - Unlock Your Prison Door KVEC Talk Radio Bob Garner

( Hello to all the listeners on KVEC Talk Radio 920 AM! Thank you for visiting my site. Please listen next week on Monday during the 8:00 am hour on the Andy Morris Show on KVEC 920 Talk Radio!) Two men were arrested, convicted and put in prison. For their crimes, each man was sentenced to 6 years. Upon the…
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Don’t Judge Me By How I Look – The Good Stuff Is On the Inside

July 24, 2016
The Good Stuff is Inside Bob Garner - KVEC

( Hello to all the listeners on KVEC Talk Radio 920 AM! Thank you for visiting my site. Please listen next week on Monday during the 8:00 am hour on the Andy Morris Show on KVEC 920 Talk Radio!) Do you remember the last time you had one of those lollipops that have the caramel, bubble gum, or some other…
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